A Victorian conservatory is probably the most popular design that we sell. It gets its name from the Victorian era when they first came in to fashion. They were mainly used by Victorians to grow exotic plants. 
A Victorian conservatory looks equally as good on a traditional property as it does on a modern home. It’s this flexibility that makes them so appealing to customers. 
Normally a Victorian conservatory will feature a steep pitched roof and a bay front with 3 or 5 facets. Whereas an Edwardian conservatory is quite plain, a Victorian conservatory will normally feature ornate detailing. Customers can choose from a glass or solid roof depending on their preference. Many Victorian conservatories feature brickwork at the base thanks to the use of dwarf walls. 
As with all Softview conservatories, they are fitted with the latest energy saving glass and state of the art locking systems to keep you safe and sound. 
A new conservatory is a considerable investment so why leave it to chance? Come and talk to the friendly team at Softview who have over 25 years experience in designing and installing 
Softview Victorian conservatories Essex
Softview Victorian conservatories Essex
Softview Victorian conservatories Essex
Softview Victorian conservatories Essex
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Softview Essex
Softview Colchester Essex
Softview Colchester
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