Energy Efficiency

The BFRC label clearly indicates the rating of the designated window or door (A++ to E) depending on the energy efficiency levels achieved by the manufacturer. A++ is the most energy efficient, E the least efficient.

The level of energy efficiency is indicated by one of a range of coloured bars - very similar to the energy efficiency labels found on fridges, freezers, washing machines and other household products.

During the rating process the energy efficiency level is verified by BFRC, which is totally independent from any manufacturing or installing company. Manufacturers of BFRC rated product and BFRC Authorised Installers are audited to ensure that their energy efficient windows and doors are achieving the stated rating.

The BFRC energy ratings allow you to compare varying window and door products and choose the most suitable for your home.

Energy Rated Windows The Facts

  • Approx 25-30% of your heat is lost through the windows.
  • An ‘A’ Rated Window has a ‘0’ (ZERO!) Energy loss
  • Hence an ‘A’ Rated window could save 25 - 30% off your heating bills
  • Therefore if a customer pays £1000 per year on fuel bills they could save as much as 250-£300 per year!
  • A ‘B’ Rated still performs very efficiently saving up to 20-25% off heating bills.
  • Our energy rated windows perform around 80% more efficiently than the standard double glazed window.
  • Over a period of 10years it would be fair to assume our windows would repay their cost over and above the benefits of low maintenance and sound insulation.

Green Issues

We recycle all our waste Plastic, Metal, Paper, Laser Toners, Ink Cartridges. We have recently installed energy saving lights for our offices which switch off automatically When the office(s) are not used.